About us

The Moldo-Kazakh enterprise KTC-Europa SRL is part of the group of companies KTC – the leader of the CIS and Europe in the production of road and bridge barrier fencing, lighting poles, prefabricated metal corrugated structures, and represents the interests of the group of companies in the countries of the European Union and Eastern Europe.

The KTC group of companies is a network of modern factories located on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan, certified in accordance with the technical regulations 014/2011 “Road Safety” of the Customs Union, whose products have, among other things, quality certificates of the European Union.

In order to ensure the safety and durability of the produced structures, in the process of their production a unique anticorrosion treatment of products using hot galvanizing technology is used.

High technological efficiency and optimal cost of road and bridge fencing of the enterprise is achieved due to the use of unified elements (beams, consoles, fasteners) in the structures, which helps to shorten the time of their installation and replacement of deformed ones, if necessary.

KTC-Europa provides services for installation and dismantling of road and bridge fences. Special mobile teams, equipped with specialized equipment, allow solving the issue of road construction in a complex manner.

Annually growing volumes of production and sales of finished products, speak of its great relevance in modern economic realities, the rapid development of road infrastructures and the need to ensure the safety of people.

In spite of the achieved results in its activity, the group of companies of the KTC is in constant search of vectors for the further development of its business.

The main directions of the company’s development for the next few years are:

  1. Improvement of manufactured steel structures;
  2. Expansion of the assortment of products due to the beginning of the production of metal structures for the contact network of railways;
  3. Active expansion into the CIS countries, the EU and Asia, which became possible, primarily due to the high quality of the products, its flexible and competitive pricing, as well as the organization of a wide network of representative offices and warehouses of finished products.